• Vallier Bistro

    Vallier Bistro

    Open Monday to Saturday

  • For lunch

    For a working lunch

  • For a outing

    Or an outing in the city





Whether you’re in the mood for a ‘small’ poutine or a ‘big’ salad, ‘just one’ beer or a double shot espresso, when it satisfies your tastebuds, it’s all good.

The best traditions bring good fortune,
but also good times and good food.

Inspired by local flavours and Montrealers’ favourite dishes, Vallier cooks serve up comforting and seasonal dishes that evoke and create the best memories.

“Vallier? Like that restaurant on McGill?” If only Vallier Dufour had a dollar... Fun fact: the bistro draws its name from the Montreal restauranteur who, along with his partners, imagined a vibrant and welcoming space where everyone would feel at home.

Great food. Great people.
It all adds up.

Just like its surroundings, Vallier has a French soul, but also the warmth of a British pub and the vibrancy of Brooklyn.

Truly and uniquely a part of Montreal.